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Organisation for Multi Media art, yearly organises projects presenting i.e. media art, with the goal: TECH FOR GOOD: a healthy development of technology, focussing on reaching visitors from outside the art-bubble.. and several other TECH FOR GOOD projects.


- Viola as Speaker at your event Expert in the field of Which Role we want Technology to have and how to explain this to a broad audience, using Art & Design, to show alternatives for current ideas regarding Security and Safety, Internet of Things, Internet of Women Things, AI, Algorithms, Big Data, Open Data, Practical Data, Open Software, Privacy, Smart Cities, using Art as inspiring language.

- Sleepwetfestival The Netherlands has an upcoming Referendum about a new law, which gives the secret services more power to collect data on all citizens, but is also giving more transparancy and control on the secret services, with music, debate, Amnesty, Loesje, quizz, show, art, good food etc.

- Counting Digital Sheep: Exhibition about Safety at Tetem artspace. Cameras seem an easy solution, but which digital alternatives are out there? Smart protecting clothes, neighbourhood apps, air quality measurement systems, followers, randomizers, online-shaming, Crowd-Sourced Intelligence, social architecture, etc. In December 2018 follow up exhibition at Avans Hogeschool Den Bosch.

- Project Parltrack 2.0, Eighty percent of Dutch business and economics related legislation comes from Europe. Industries spend large sums lobbying to influence political decision-making and advance its own commercial interests. Ordinary people have less opportunity to get their interests on the political agenda, because most NGOs and activists don't have the financial muscle to lobby in the way that big companies do. Parltrack wants to reduce the power asymmetry between industry and citizens. Parltrack is the largest free open database on the European Parliament. It is a useful tool for human rights organisations, scientists, journalists and NGOs. The database contains a unique 'history' option, which allows searching back in time. The supported project involves the realisation of Parltrack 2.0: progression towards a sustainable and user-friendly tool for use as a weapon in the battle for our rights! Read a recent example here, where four French ministers resigned, after a 2017 journalist corruption research using Parltrack data: 1, 2, 3.
In 2018, this project will be re-written into version 2.0 thanks to a donation of the SIDN POTENTIALS project - Stichting Art & Technology -

- Organiser: Manifestations: Largest Art & Tech event during Dutch Design Week
3 locations, 5000m2, 50.000 visitors, >100 international participants, Oct, Eindhoven, the Netherlands - Will the Future Design Us?
We ask important questions about the ever-growing influence of technology in our daily lives. How do our bodies fit in with technological developments? How do we experience that influence, and can we control it? And above all, we ask: Can technology be friendly and kind, can it contribute and connect us in a meaningful way? We believe art and creativity are for all ages and invite you to actively create our own future with us, before the future designs us.
Last year Manifestations won the title Best of DDW. This year we will show even more playful, challenging and inviting art and technology. Everyone, young or old, is invited to discover and play; the future is for everybody. Explore 3m high HelloKitty robots which are brain controlled automated weapons, clothing with goose bumps, an electronic doctor for in your own home, smell-therapy, robots eating caterpillars, fantasy-organs, interactive tattoos, boring parties for rich kids, useless super powers, virtual intimacy and much more.
Part of Manifestations is Internet of Women Things: art and technology with a feminine touch. What role do we want technology to have? Need-driven or profit-driven?

- Helping Journalists and NGO's with project Pitchfork , Crypto processors for Everyone \o/. Donation by NLnet

- Two lectures at SHA hackercamp 2017: Art, Activism and Cool Robots, and Hormones & Hysteria.

- Exhibition Homage to Nervous Systems, 2017. CJP-tip, The Creators Project-tip, location: Tetem artspace Enschede and Van Abbehuis Eindhoven.

- Exhibition Internet of Women Things, Technological developments should be accessible to everyone. Yet the internet and technology are still too often made by men for men. The Internet of Women Things explores what is possible when we democratize technology and base it on feminine values and needs. The result is often more humane, sweeter, more social and protective; no technology that only helps itself further, but solves human problems and enriches personal lives. For example, women ask other questions about safety and health. They approach innovation from other values, such as shared knowledge, creativity, diversity, and inclusiveness. This way they prove that it can be done differently. Technology with a feminine edge is for all of us; for men, women, children, illiterates, and animals. And we all win with that..
Locations: Tetem artspace, Library Eindhoven, Manifestations Veemgebouw, Eindhoven, 2017

- Exhibition Manifestations: Will the Future Design Us? October @Dutch Design Week Eindhoven     Won the Title: Best of Dutch Design Week 2016! Mentioned in RTL-Z, Volkskrant, Telegraaf, Best tips of Dezeen, Best tip of High Tech Campus, Most critical event of DDW - E52

- Exhibition RuhrTriennale VR weekend.

- Online expo Dark Matter

- Hackercamp Camp ++, Fort Monostor, Komarom, Hungary. Building a bridge between artists and hackers. Not only hackers do Security, Privacy and Hacking. Hacked Industy Robots playing records, Exoskeletons, Power-of-Google-out-of-control, Grindcore Karaoke-bar, Robots and Activism reaching a broad audience, 18-20 Aug 2016.

- IETM: Informal European Theatre Meeting, April 2016, theme "Digital Revolution", expo & sessions: The Way They Do It, The Parallel World: The Internet Of Things & Augmented Reality, Creative Storytelling: Transmedia & Transdisciplinary Storytelling, Wearables.

- CCC (Chaos Communication Camp), Zehdenick, Germany, presentation at Nurdspace and at La Quadrature du Net, Aug 2015

- Institute of Crypto Anarchy, Prague (CZ), HCPP: crypto people and artists discussing the role of new technologies and decentralization (not only) in crisis scenarios, Oct 2015



U.S. scifi author and WIRED editor Bruce Sterling:’… Folks, the Dutch counterculture cannot get any more messed-up…….Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think Holland can get any cooler and more out-there’


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